Our expertise is delivered by a diverse team of 20 staff in Toronto and over 100 staff in the UK. Meet a few of the many faces of our team at GCR.

Linda Lewis

Linda Lewis has been engaged in the renewable energy sector since 2012, with her experience spanning both Europe and North America. Before venturing into renewable energy, Linda worked with Hayden Capital Management for 18 years. She has a solid business foundation, having earned her master’s degree in Business Administration from UCLA. Throughout her tenure in the renewable energy field, she has amassed extensive experience in project development. Her areas of expertise include greenfield concept development, project development strategy, technical evaluations, regulatory permitting and strategy, wind resource assessment, technical due diligence, stakeholder engagement, and layout design. Linda is particularly captivated by the potential of hybrid and multi-technology systems with a keen emphasis on energy security. Serving as the Director at Ratsamy Consulting in Canada, she oversees the company's overall management and strategic direction.

Charles Gerond

Senior Renewables Energy Engineer
Charles Gerond became a part of the Ratsamy Consulting team in 2022 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta. Fueled by his profound interest in renewable energy, Charles is enthusiastic about contributing to Ratsamy Consulting's efforts to further the North American cleantech industry. He assists our clients on the technical facets of a variety of renewable energy and power generation initiatives, including wind, solar, and battery energy storage. Charles plays a direct role in crafting technical deliverables such as Noise Impact Assessments, Shadow Flicker Assessments, Solar Glare Hazard Analysis, and Wind Resource Assessment. With a background that encompasses project management, construction, revenue forecasting, and technical support, Charles is adept at offering comprehensive assistance to our clients.

Philip Cocce

Finance Director
Philip Cocce leads the Ratsamy Consulting Canada finance team as Finance Manager and is responsible for financial processes, reporting, analysis, asset management and HR administration. Philip has over 15 years financial and accounting management experience in a broad range of industries, including public accounting, engineering, telecommunications, food and beverage, and non-profit organizations, and holds a commerce degree in accounting. In his spare time Philip enjoys volunteering, soccer, cooking, traveling, golf, and spending time with family.

Yohan Blake

Client Representative Director
Yohan Blake is a Senior Electrical Engineer with over eighteen years of experience in the Energy Industry. He has substantial technical experience working internationally and being acquainted with codes and standards in different jurisdictions. His experience covers the design, procurement, and construction support of power generation projects at distribution and transmission scales, including Wind, Solar and Battery Energy Storage Systems. He also holds an MBA, with concentration in marketing and has assumed a lead role on multiple small and large capital projects from concept to Detail Engineering. His focus on lean execution and innovative approaches enabled timely completion and value engineering for many clients.

Markus Aurelio

Executive Director
A graduate of the American University of Kuwait and holder of a Master's in Business Administration, Markus Aurelio stands as a testament to multifaceted expertise in the energy industry. In the early 2000s, Markus made the strategic shift from fossil fuels to the burgeoning field of renewable energy, reflecting his foresight and adaptability. His experience spans from significant engagements with companies in the fossil fuel sector to pioneering initiatives in renewable energy. As the Director at Ratsamy Consulting since its inception in 2022, Markus has been the driving force behind the firm's rapid growth and success. Drawing upon his vast regional knowledge from the Middle East, Singapore, and Kuwait, coupled with his deep understanding of the global energy landscape, he has been instrumental in shaping the company's vision and direction. Markus's transition from fossil fuels to renewables not only showcases his adaptability but also underscores his commitment to sustainable practices. His journey has enriched Ratsamy Consulting, providing both traditional energy insights and innovative renewable strategies to our clientele. Under Markus's leadership, the firm continues to champion excellence, sustainability, and innovation, solidifying its esteemed position in the consulting world.
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